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Prince & Miles Davis

Сегодня вот тут   мы вспомнили о Принсе и Майлзе Дэвисе, и о их коллаборации. И неожиданно для себя я нашёл в сети запись новогоднего благотворительного концерта в Миннеаполисе, на котором появился Майлз.


Dec. 21st, 2008 04:18 pm (UTC)
Причем пересекались несколько раз - вот только документально установленные:
Prince recorded the basic tracks for "Can I Play With U" and sent them to Miles and his band to finish. The track was going to be released on Miles's Tutu album but was pulled at the last moment (apparently because Prince didn't think his song was up to scratch with the rest of the Tutu material).

Prince attended Miles's 60th birthday party in NY.

Miles guested on stage for the New Years Eve benefit concert at Paisley Park. He played 5 min solo on "Beautiful Night". The show is widely circulating on bootleg (Miles At The Park).

Miles overdubed a trumpet solo on a Prince/Chaka Khan collaboration "Sticky Wicked" released on Chaka's CK album (they were never in the studio together though).

Miles is interviewed for Albert Magnoli's Prince Portrait documentary.

Miles played a few Prince covers, "Movie Star" and "Penetration", at many of his gigs.

Miles died and Prince announced that his next album would feature a 20 min section devoted to Miles. Nothing more has ever been heard about this project, however the silent track on Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic is said to be in memory of Miles.

Although there are plenty of other rumors about recording sessions and midnight jam sessions etc, this is the only confirmed stuff they ever did. Miles praises Prince many times in his autiobiography, and Prince has spoken many times in concert about his love for Miles's music.