January 11th, 2020


Я случайно наткнулся в сети, послушал, понравилось

This is a high fidelity recording. It was made on stereo tape recorders Telefunken M 10 and Studer J 37 (reel tapes Agfa PER 555). Artificial reverb: EMT plates. Echo: Telefunken M 5/stereo (38 cm/s). Delay length: 2 s. Microphones used: AKG C 12 (organ), AKG C 1 and D 200 (drums), Fairchild F 22 (piano), Neumann SM 2 (guitars, drums & percussion), Neumann V 48 (french horn), Neumann KM 56 (tuba), RCA DX 77 (brass). Limiters: Fairchild (type 620). Equalization: Eckmüller. Basic frequency range of the complete apparatus: 40-15,000 Hz.