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Station to Station

  Мега коробки выпускают не только с выдающимися джазовыми пластинками ( я имею ввиду юбилейные издания Kind Of Blue и  Bitches Brew),  этой чести удостаиваются и рок-релизы. 20 сентября в Великой Британии выходит вот такой набор  самого любимого мной  альбома  Дэвида Боу Station to Station.

Station To Station [Deluxe Edition] (5CD /DVD/3LP)

В этот бокс вошло:

  • CD 1: 2010 transfer of Station To Station from the original stereo analogue master
  • CD 2: Station To Station 1985 CD master
  • CD 3: Station To Station single edits five track EP containing Golden Years, TVC15, Stay, Word On A Wing and Station To Station
  • CDs 4 & 5: Live Nassau Coliseum '76
  • DVD containing the following:

  • Station To Station (original analogue master, 96kHz/24bit LPCM stereo)
  • Station To Station (new Harry Maslin 5.1 surround sound mix in DTS 96/24 and Dolby Digital)
  • Station To Station (original analogue master, LPCM stereo)
  • Station To Station (new Harry Maslin stereo mix, 48kHz/24bit LPCM stereo)
  • 12"M heavyweight vinyl of Station To Station from the original stereo analogue master in replica sleeve
  • 2 x 12" heavyweight vinyl of Live Nassau Coliseum '76 in gatefold sleeve

    Aside from all of this marvellous audio content, here's what else you get in the Deluxe Edition box...

    24-page booklet with sleevenotes by Cameron Crowe and chronology by Kevin Cann and also including...

  • Previously unpublished Steve Shapiro photo
  • Geoff MacCormack photos
  • Andrew Kent live Nassau photos

    Both the 16 and 24-page booklets will be illustrated with record sleeves and extensive memorabilia from the BowieNet archives.

    Finally, the deluxe box also contains facsimile copies of two very collectable folders with most of the original content reproduced...

    Replica David Bowie On Stage 1976 press kit folder containing the following...

  • Replica Nassau ticket from night of the show
  • Replica backstage pass
  • Replica A4 biog
  • Replica band line-up
  • 3 x 10x8" press shots

  • Replica 1976 Fan Club Folder containing the following...

  • Replica fan club membership card
  • Fan club certificate
  • 2 small collector cards
  • 2 A4 photo cards
  • Replica 4-page biography
  • 2 badges
  • 6 panel folded Steve Shapiro photo poster of Bowie kneeling


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