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"Blue Fable is a loping, melancholy melody with several changes of pace. McLean makes a lovely, unhurried, plaintive statement with many, long, sweeping phrases. (Lee) Morgan is calm and reflective when he begins but turns up the temperature as the proceeds. (Larry) Willis' (piano) short but bright solo runs us back into the line which comes to an abrupt halt." Ira Gitler 

"Willis' High Frequency is the opener and in it McLean expresses the influences of  Coltrane and Coleman. He follows the modal path pioneered by Trane and also states motifs and then plays off of them in a manner reminiscent of Ornette. From the outset of his career Jackie was always a very vocal player but here his sound is even more vocalized than ever before.  There is interior dialogue with (Larry) Willis and a strong sense of exorcism. (Jack) DeJohnette extracts some highly musical sounds from his cymbals before signalling McLean back in - and out."  Ira Gitler

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