genyur (genyur) wrote,

Сегодняшний улов

Mark Murphy Midnight Mood - MPS 1967
Jazzz In 3/4 Time Featuring Max Roach - EmArcy 1956
Alice Coltrane The Music Of Alice Coltrane Astral Meditation - Impulse!
Alice Coltrane Transliner Lights - Impulse! 2004
Chico Hamilton The Dealer - Impulse 1962-1966
Jimmy Davis Jr. & Carmen McRae On Decca Boys Meets Girl - Decca 1955-1957
Howard Roberts Good Pickin's - Verve 1959
Baden Powell Canto On Guitar - MPS 1970
Baden Powell Minha Historia - Verve Forecast
Caetano Veloso Ce - Em Arcy 2006
Wayne Shortet Quartet Beyond the Sound Barrier - Verve 2005
Branford Marsalis Quartet Braggtown - Marsalis Music 2006
Billy Crystal Presents The Milt Gabler Story (CD/DVD) - Verve 2005

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